Boxes and cases of high-end sports cards can cost hundreds of dollars today. Northeast Breaks offers sports fans and collectors a way to collect in a fun and affordable way. Northeast Breaks will host live breaks of sports card boxes/cases. A “break’ consists of multiple people pooling their money together and dividing teams/divisions up which can either be chosen upon purchase (Pick Your Team, “PYT”) or randomly assigned (Random Team). This presents the opportunity to pull a box/case “hit” worth hundreds of dollars resale at just a fraction of the cost.



Every “spot” in the break is offered at the same price online in the Shop section.

On the evening that the break fills, we will host the break live on our YouTube channel.  We will first randomize teams and participant spots live on YouTube to determine which team gets assigned to each spot. We do this first by virtually rolling two die to determine how many times the list of teams will be shuffled. We then randomize the teams list on and post the final list to our Twitter page.

Once random teams are assigned, we will cut open the factory sealed cases live and reveal the cards. 

You will receive every card* that is revealed for their team/teams in the mail in a safe and secure bubble wrap mailer.  All breaks will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel so you have the option to watch live or at your convenience on or YouTube channel.

In the event of a multi-player autographed card, the card will be awarded to the team of the player furthest LEFT or TOP of card.

Cards will always go to the team that is represented on the back of the card; if no team is on back of the card the players jersey will be used. If a card is pulled that does not have a player’s jersey, or any other form of team identifying markings, the card will go to the team the player played the most years for. In the case that the player has never been on a professional team, we will random the card at the end of the break.

*For all BOWMAN Draft Products, we will only be shipping PAPER cards for certain players. See product details for more info.